Hemorrhoidectomy and Hemorrhoid Banding

What are Hemorrhoidectomy and Hemorrhoid Banding?

bandingHermorrhoidectomy is a procedure that removes severe cases of hemorrhoids, swollen tissue and veins in the lower rectal area. If you have a hemorrhoid you may experience several symptoms like itching, swelling, pain, and/or bleeding. The procedure involves cutting the hermorrhoidal tissue off in a safe and efficient manner. In many cases, symptomatic hemorrhoids are able to have less invasive treatment with hemorrhoid banding that is nonsurgical and requires no post-procedure care. This involves tying a band around the hermorrhoid in order to cut off blood flow to it, making it slowly fall off.

Your Initial Consultation

We will undergo necessary advising to assure a safe and successful procedure as well as answer any questions you may have before your procedure. We will perform a physical to understand the severity of your case and understand which method of the hemorrhoidectomy procedure best fits your case. We will ask you which medicines, vitamins and other supplements you are currently taking in case they affect the procedure, and we will ask you to stop taking aspirins and other specific drugs that can cause a higher risk of excess bleeding during your surgery and recovery. You will be informed of the necessary steps and medications you may need for your recovery.

The Surgical Procedures

Steps for hemorrhoidectomy:

  • You will be given anesthesia to assure you a pain-free procedure as you sleep through it
  • Incisions are made in the tissues around the hemorrhoid
  • The swollen tissue inside the hemorrhoid is tied off in order to prevent any bleeding
  • Depending on the type of method we undergo, your hemorrhoid is removed with a scalpel, an electric tool, or a laser
  • The area are either closed up or left open and medicated gauzes are applied over the wound

Steps for open inguinal repair:

  • An anoscope is placed into the anus to get a view of the hemorrhoid
  • An instrument is used to grab the herorrhoid, and a special device is used to place a rubber band around the hemorrhoid’s base.
  • The tools are then removed, and you will then wait for the hemorrhoid to shrink and fall off naturally in the upcoming days.

Recovery Expectations:

Both procedures allow you to go home the day they were performed. We recommend you find a driver to take you home after the procedure. Typically for hemorrhoidectomy, you will fully recover around 2 to 3 weeks after you rest, taken the proper medications, applied ice packs to the area, and refrain from any heavy lifting during that time. For hemorrhoid bands, you may be able to return to regular activities almost immediately with the possibility of a few days of rest. You may experience bleeding several days after the procedure, but this is because the hemorrhoid is falling off and means the procedure was a success.

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