Knee Care | Knee Scoping | Knee Replacement

Knee Surgery & Care

The staff and doctors at Fullerton Orthopedic are here to help you regain mobility and improve your quality of life. That’s why our team will work to develop a customized care plan for you and guide you through each stage of your care journey from pre-education to rehabilitation.

We Treat

→ Fractures and Dislocations
→ Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries
→ Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

→ Collateral Ligament Injuries
→ Meniscal Tears
→ Tendon Tears
→ Arthritis

Preservation of Your Knee

Downs-Knee-FCPP-Fullerton-OrthoOne of the best things you can do to treat your knee pain is to treat it early. Our team of nurses and orthopedic specialists have several nonsurgical treatment options available including anti-inflammatory medicine, ice, heat, and massage techniques. If caught early, we can treat your knee pain and preserve the joint preventing an immediate need for surgery.

Knee Surgery

If it is determined that surgery is needed, Fullerton Orthopedic offers several minimally invasive surgical procedures, as well as knee replacements. After your surgery, our comprehensive care plan will include physical therapy, pain management, rehabilitation services, or advanced imaging if needed.

Minimally Invasive Knee Scoping

Knee-Imaging-FCPP-Fullerton-OrthoIf surgery is required, knee arthroscopy (knee scoping) may be an option for you. Knee scoping is one of the most frequently used procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of knee pain and injuries. A minor surgical procedure, patients who undergo knee scoping are typically able to return home the same day. As we work on a customized care plan for you, we will determine whether knee scoping is an option.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Severely damaged knee joints can mean a partial or complete knee replacement is necessary. We understand that patients may be nervous about surgical treatment, so our doctors and staff are here to educate and guide you through the process from consultation to surgery to rehabilitation. You can feel comfortable knowing you’re receiving high-quality treatment from doctors who care about your specific needs.